Malesian Orchid Journal Vol. 8

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  • Editorial
  • Miscellaneous New and Noteworthy Orchids from Sabah by Jeffrey J. Wood and Anthony Lamb
  • A New Species of Paphiopedilum from Sabah by Phillip Cribb and Anthony Lamb
  • New Species of Calanthe from New Guinea, Bougainville and the Solomon Islands by Phillip Cribb, Paul Ormerod and Dudley Clayton
  • The Genus Appendicula on Mount Kinabalu by Jeffrey J. Wood
  • Grammatophyllum speciosum — Is the World’s Largest Epiphytic Orchid in the Wild Found in Sabah? by Anthony Lamb
  • The Attraction of Flowers of Bulbophyllum (Section Sestochilus) to Bactrocera Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) by Ong Poh Teck, Alvin Hee Kah Wei, Wee Suk Ling and Tan Keng Hong
  • Fly Pollination in Four Malaysian Species of Bulbophyllum (Section Sestochilus) — B. lasianthum, B. lobbii, B. subumbellatum and B. virescens by Ong Poh Teck and Tan Keng Hong
  • Caught Red-handed — Stingless Bees Rob Pollinia from Corymborkis veratrifolia by Ling Chea Yiing
  • Daylight Robbery — A Stingless Bee Robs Dendrobium microglaphys (Section Amblyanthus) of its Pollinia by Ong Poh Teck
  • In Search of Slipper Orchids on Mount Kinabalu in 1959 by Sheila Collenette
  • Book Review: The Orchids of Mount Kinabalu by André Schuiteman
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