Malesian Orchid Journal Vol. 4

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  • Editorial
  • New species of Calanthe from the Malay Archipelago and New Guinea by Phillip Cribb
  • Corybas villosus—some observations on the natural history of a rare and endemic Peninsular Malaysian orchid by Y.W. Low
  • A New Species of Pinalia (sect. Polyura) from Sabah by Jeffrey J. Wood
  • A new species of Trichoglottis from Borneo by Timothy Choltco
  • Trichoglottis persicina—a new species from Brunei Darussalam, with notes on the T. retusa complex by Peter O’Byrne
  • A New Species of Trichoglottis from Sabah by Jeffrey J. Wood and Anthony Lamb
  • Some New Orchid Locality Records for the Philippines by Jim Cootes
  • Four New Taxa of Dendrobium (sect. Biloba) from New Guinea by Paul Ormerod
  • A New Species of Acriopsis (Cymbidieae: Eulophiinae) from Peninsular Malaysia by S.N. Phoon and P. O’Byrne
  • Threads that bind … the fungal lifeline by Mariam Jutta Dendrobium lowii Lindl.—back into cultivation by Roland Schettler
  • Notes on Malesian Cleisostoma: Part 1 by Peter O’Byrne
  • New Species of and New Combinations in New Guinea Orchidaceae by A. Schuiteman and E.F. de Vogel
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