Malesian Orchid Journal Vol. 3

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  • Editorial
  • Slipper Orchids of Mount Kinabalu by Phillip Cribb and Jeffrey J. Wood
  • A New Species of Dendrobium (section Calcarifera) from Borneo by Jeffrey J. Wood
  • Dendrobium amboinense Hook. (sect. Fugacia): A Long-lost Species Rediscovered by Heinz Wurster, Roland Schettler and Jeffrey J. Wood
  • A Revision of Diplocaulobium in Sulawesi by Peter O’Byrne and Jaap J. Vermeulen
  • The Rare Plants and Orchid Conservatory at the Rimba Ilmu Botanical Garden, Malaysia’s First University Botanical Garden by M. Sugumaran and Y.W. Low
  • New Species of Calanthe from the Malay Archipelago by Phillip Cribb
  • Chrysoglossum ornatum Blume: A New Record for Borneo by Anthony Lamb
  • Pennilabium armanii: A New Species from Peninsular Malaysia by Peter O’Byrne, S.N. Phoon and P.T. Ong
  • Dendrobium jiewhoei: An Enigmatic Member of Section Calcarifera from Borneo by Jeffrey J. Wood
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