Frogs of Borneo

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A Field Guide to the Frogs of Borneo introduces the non-specialist reader to the natural history of this diverse, colourful, and sometimes bizarre-looking section of the fauna of Borneo. About 150 species of frogs are now known from Borneo and the number continues to grow. Many of these species are unique to Borneo, and a number of them are still known only from one or two sightings. As these animals live in all sorts of environments from stream banks to forest canopy, from lowland rice fields to montane forests, they are likely to be encountered by hikers with an interest in natural history. This book covers the species most likely to be seen and identifiable without the use of a microscope. For each species, a description and summary of natural history are presented. 81 species are illustrated by a colour photo. In addition, introductory chapters summarize the general biology of frogs and their ecology, enabling the reader to understand how these animals fit into the complex ecosystems of Borneo.

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  • Preface vi
  • Preface to the Second Edition vii
  • General Biology of Frogs 1
  • Frogs in Human Tradition and Culture 7
  • Distribution and Classification of Frogs in Borneo 11
  • – Key to the Frogs of Borneo 15
  • – A Checklist of Anuran Amphibians 24
  • Ecology of Bornean Frogs 29
  • Conservation 41
  • Family Bombinatoridae 43
  • Family Megophryidae 45
  • Family Bufonidae (True Toads) 67
  • Family Microhylidae (Narrow-mouthed Frogs) 93
  • Family Ranidae 113
  • Family Rhacophoridae 159
  • Further Reading 194
  • Acknowledgements 195
  • Index 196

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