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Danum Valley: The Rain Forest

RM 180

Through this superbly illustrated, multi-faceted and adventure-ridden opus, Danum’s mysterious rain forest is brought to life — from its simple strength as some of the last pristine landscapes still guarding the evolutionary secrets of nature, awesome mass flowering re-enacted through captivating aerial photography, to glimpses into a spectacular diversity of life forms, both animal and plant, and numerous scholarly insights into its environment and ecological networks. Solidly based on a quarter-century of research by a small army of top-notch scientists, this highly readable book weaves together the findings of a considerable volume and variety of scientific journal papers, books, as well as PhD and MSc theses. In essence, the cream of the work of numerous scientists, explorers and conservationists now comes within easy reach of everyone lured by the tropical rain forest.

This spectacular book paves the way for all of us to greatly deepen our experience and enhance our understanding of this amazing and dynamic forest, and its interaction with its environment. There is no other Borneo forest that one can step into equipped with a single, multi-disciplinary account as broad, as deep, and as well-illustrated as this unique book.

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