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Amphibians and Reptiles of Tropical Asia

RM 120

Tropical Asia, including countries of southern and south-eastern Asia, hosts an immensely rich biodiversity. The present work is an introduction to the herpetological diversity of this fascinating region, and includes accounts of the history of explorations, historical biogeography, methodologies for field research, evaluates conservation problems and lists legal instruments and identification resources that make the fauna accessible to people. Separate tables and appendices presents numbers of species recorded from each country in the region, new species described in recent years, lists of species protected regionally and internationally and the volume of amphibians and reptiles in trade. The second part of the work presents an album of photographs of selected species of amphibians and reptiles from tropical Asia. This book is intended for use as a primer on the herpetology in southern and south-eastern Asia by scientists, conservationists, resource managers and the lay public.

  • Introduction 1
  • History of Explorations 17
  • Nomenclature and Systematics 27
  • Methodologies for Field Research 31
  • Historical and Ecological Biogeography 35
  • Conservation and Management 43
  • Conclusions 69
  • Acknowledgements 71
  • Literature cited 72
  • Appendix 1 116
  • Appendix 2 130
  • Appendix 3 133
  • Colour Plates 139
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