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A Taxonomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Borneo Vol. 2

RM 190

The first volume of A Taxonomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Borneo stunned the entomological world with its extensive photographs and comprehensive identification keys. Volume II of A Taxonomic Guide to Stick Insects of Borneo continues in this tradition to open new trails to a better understanding of Bornean stick insect fauna.

This time, the author concentrates his efforts on the stick insects of Mount Trusmadi, the second highest mountain in Borneo, with her peak at 2642 m asl. Besides Trusmadi, the author also studied, the drawers of the entomological collections of Kinabalu Park and Forest Research Centre Sepilok.

Volume II lists 373 Bornean species or subspecies from 92 genera, with descriptions of 4 new genera, 1 genus new to Borneo, 37 new species, 4 new name combinations, 3 new synonyms; 2 wrong synonyms and 9 descriptions of the previously unknown sex of known species. Together these two volumes will have described 19 new genera with 88 new species.

This volume is an indispensable reference to anyone interested in the insect fauna of Borneo; no matter if it’s just for admiring the splendid photographs or trying to identify an insect in the forest or most essentially for the person working through a taxonomic problem.

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